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How does it work?

Get to know what makes you unique and how your genetics can help you improve your health.

Three reasons why you should take the Código 46 test

Personalized medicine can become a reality with a pharmacogenomics report on your sensibility to drugs which can help your doctor give you a personalized and effective treatment from the start.

Disease risk profile so you can modify your habits and increase your well-being.

Gives back control to each individual of their well-being and improve your quality of life.

Reduces costs in treatments, medications, consultations and second opinions.

Knowledge that helps everyone

With this information, advances will be made in personalized medicine and wellness and health programs to understand diseases and contribute to genetic research in order to develop effective treatments.

Accessible science

Código 46 wants everyone to have access to these resources and healthcare tools so that personalized medicine can become a reality for everyone.

Information is power,

take control of your well-being.

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Learn more about our reports

Learn more about our reports