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BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management solutions, today announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft to provide integrated genomic data management solutions in the cloud to Codigo46. Codigo46, an emerging Mexican company, is building and managing the largest biobank in Latin-America in co-operation with Mexican health and research authorities. Codigo46 will genotype one million Mexican subjects in the next three years for the purpose of delivering personalized medicine benefits to patients. BC Platforms signed a partnership with Codigo46 in July 2016.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, said: “Since the announcement earlier this year of our collaboration with Microsoft, we have been optimizing our product offerings for Azure utilizing both advancements in software and cloud hardware. Microsoft has built a scalable cloud-based service that enables us to easily and reliably process large volumes of genomic data and we are leveraging this in our partnership with Codigo46.”
Lorenza Haddad, Chief Executive Officer at Codigo46, commented: “I am very excited about our partnership with BC Platforms which now includes the addition of Microsoft. We believe that these collaborations will allow us to reach our goals of advancing research in Latin America and in the global field of personalized medicine. Our vision is for each patient to have a bespoke pharmacogenomics profile enabling them to receive the ideal personalized treatment. Initially we will focus on understanding metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, and its complications, as one of the most significant unmet needs in Mexico. We believe that with the support of both Microsoft and BC Platforms we can achieve our ambitious goals and change the face of healthcare and wellbeing in Latin America and beyond.”
David Heckerman, distinguished scientist and director of the Microsoft Genomics team, commented: “Microsoft is committed to being a leader in genomics solutions through our Microsoft Azure platform. In collaboration with BC Platforms and Codigo46, we are supporting the advancement of academic and commercial research with the goal of improving health outcomes for individuals, communities, and large populations.”

Fuente: http://www.bio-itworld.com/Press-Release/BC-Platforms-to-provide-genomics-data-management-solution-to-Codigo46-powered-by-the-Microsoft-Azure-cloud/

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