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Codigo Ancestry

Take a trip to the past, know your history and that of your ancestors. Doing so will help you understand where you come from and the reason behind certain family traits.

$2,900 MXN


$2,900 MXN

What does my report cover?

Codigo Ancestry     $2,900 MXN

Your DNA says a lot about your family’s history

Your DNA tells unique stories about how you are connected to the world. Discover what part of the world your ancestors come from and find pieces of your history.

Discover from which part of the world your genes are.

Discover your origin and that of your ancestors, locate on the map the regions where you have ancestry including Asia, Africa, Europe.
With a sample of saliva, we can extract your DNA to examine more than 650 thousand markers.
It is possible to identify with greater precision each one of the ancestral components that form the mosaic of our genome.


Your personal information and genetic data will always be kept confidential. Your saliva sample will be destroyed, and only you will have access to the results of your analysis.

Do you want to know your history?

In your DNA you carry a printed history that was heritaged from your recent ancestors. In Código 46 we determine your relationship with some ancestral group.

What is in my report?

The study consists of comparing the information contained in your DNA with genetic information of native populations of different regions of the world, through a graph of segmented circles we present each portion that makes up your genome regionally: at the continental, territorial and population level. We have a color code between the world map and the graphic to make your comprehension more dynamic.

The most advanced genetic test in Latin America

Check out our full package and discover even more about yourself and your loved ones.

We are the healthiest
option in genetic analysis

Find out about new discoveries and technological advances

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