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Codigo Pharma

With Codigo Pharma determine your response to medications with your pharmacogenomic profile.
Includes Codigo Ancestry
$2,900 MXN

The effective treatment

Our Codigo Pharma report can help your doctor determine an appropriate and personalized treatment to avoid side effects and increase the effectiveness of medicines based on your genetics.
What medications are included in my report?

Your report includes about 71 medications that cover the following categories: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents: Celecoxib, Diclofenac. Cardiotonic agents: Digoxin. Hypoglycemic agents: Rosiglitazone. Adrenergic agonists: Salbutamol, Salmeterol. Analgesics: Methadone. Antibiotics: Amikacin, Dapsone, Etambutol, Gentamicin, Isoniazid, Kanamycin, Neomycin, Pyrazinamide, Rifampin, Streptomycin, Tobramycin. Anticoagulants: Acenocoumarol, Clopidogrel, Fenprocoumon, Warfarin. Hormonal contraceptives: Levonorgestrel. Antidepressants: Amitriptyline, Bupropion, Citalopram, Clomipramine, Desipramine, Doxepin, Escitalopram, Imipramine, Nortriptyline, Trimipramine. Antiemetics: Ondansetron Antihyperlipidemic: Atorvastatin, Pravastatin, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin. Antimalarials: Chlorproguanil. Antineoplastics: Capecitabine, Carboplatin, Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide, Epirubicin, Erlotinib, Fluorouracil, Gefitinib, Irinotecan, Mercaptopurine, Methotrexate, Oxaliplatin, Paclitaxel, Sn-38, Tamoxifen, Docetaxel, Gemcitabine. Antipsychotics: Risperidone. Antivirals: Boceprevir, Efavirenz, Nevirapine, Ribavirin, Telaprevir. Parasympathomimetic Stimulants: Nicotine. Immunosuppressants: Azathioprine, Peginterferon Alpha-2a, Peginterferon Alpha-2b, Sirolimus, Tacrolimus. Treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: Ataluren. Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis: Ivacaftor, Lumacaftor.

Do the results of my report determine my response to medications?

The response of each person to medications depends on various genetic and non-genetic factors. Your results indicate the genetic variants related to the processing and metabolism of drugs that may influence your response to certain medications and the type of adverse reactions you might have.

Should I stop using the medications that appear in my report?

Consult your specialist before making any decision about the use of any medication.

What does my report cover?

Código Farma          $2,900 MXN

What is in my report?

Each person’s response to medications is influenced in part by their genes. Some people may respond well to one medication, while others may have side effects. This report analyzes the genes that influence your ability to process and respond to different medications and provides useful information that can help your specialist determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

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