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Codigo Prevention

It provides information about your genetic predisposition to diseases and preventive recommendations to achieve well-being and a healthy life.
Includes Codigo Ancestry

$2,900 MXN

What study covers my report?

Código Prevención    $2,900 MXN

We calculate your genetic risk to diseases

The study contains information on genetic variants that can be found in your genome and that are associated with a potential increase in the risk that a person has to develop certain diseases throughout their life based on medical studies.

Our risk analysis includes markers for




Breast cancer

Ovarian cancer

Prostate cancer

Know the health conditions for which you do not have risk variants in your genome.

Deep analysis

We analyzed about 600,000 genetic variants distributed on your 23 pairs of chromosomes.
Do you want to know your risk profile for several diseases?

Your predisposition to certain diseases is greater in some people with respect to others. The risk each person has for each disease depends on associated mutations affecting certain genes and their functions by triggering the emergence of diseases.

What is my prevention report?

Our test includes a statistical analysis of the risk of several multifactorial diseases according to the presence of different genetic markers in your genotype. In addition, your report includes information on genetic variants of high genetic risk associated with a large number of congenital diseases.

The most advanced genetic test in Latin America

Check out our full package and discover even more about yourself and your loved ones.

We are the healthiest
option in genetic analysis

Find out about new discoveries and technological advances

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