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All our reports

-Prevention, Pharma and Ancestry- in one and at a better price.

Know yourself and maintain well-being.

$4,800 MXN $4,320 MXN

Where do you come from?

Take a cultural journey into your past, learn the history of the branch of the tree of life from which you descend and know the route that your DNA has followed on the planet.

What is good for you?

Know the drugs that your body processes properly, avoid taking those that produce unwanted effects on your health, and provide your doctor with information necessary for the treatments.

Where are you going?

Now you can know the diseases you could probably have by using your genetic information. In código 46® we provide you with valuable information about your risk profile of several complex diseases. In addition, we give you information about the status of your genome in relation to congenital diseases that could affect both, you or your descendants.

What is my report?

Our three reports in one single test

What study covers my report?

Código X          $4,800 MXN $4,320 MXN

How does the service work?

Order online
your collection kit
and receive it at home
Send us your saliva sample
 and register your barcode
in your user account
Receive your report
within 6 to 8 weeks
and check it online

We are the healthiest
option in genetic analysis

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