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Frequent questions

How is the test done?

The test compares the info coming from your DNA with databases containing information about genes related to diseases or that may involved in the processing and assimilation of certain medications. Additionally it gives you information about the ancestry of your DNA: Africa, Europe, Asia, Mayan, etc.

Where should I take the sample?

The sample can be taken anywhere with reasonable hygiene conditions so as to ensure its quality.

How should I take the sample?

Each kit has the instructions to take the sample.You should not eat or drink at least half an hour before the sample is taken and you should scrub the swab vigorously against your inner cheek from top to bottom for some seconds, twirl the swab and repeat.

How accurate are my results?

Our test is highly trustable with a broad and exhaustive scope for the three products: ancestry, pharmacogenomics and disease prevention. It covers about 600,000 genetic variants on the 23 pair of human chromosomes, and still improving.

We use a technique developed in the last decades in the field of genome science known as microarray genotyping. This technology is classified as one of the best to detect genetic variants in the human genome. In addition to that, our catalog of variants continuously grows and our array is subject to improvements and expansions by the our bioinformatics team at Código 46.
We want to add that our genetic test is informative, useful and at the same time comprehensive and exhaustive, this applies to our three products; ancestry, pharmacogenomics and disease prevention. However, you should know that other more specialized clinical tests are necessary to track and deepen your understanding of the diseases detected in your genome by us.

What diseases can be detected by the test?

Our test today can mainly detect two kinds of diseases: multifactorial diseases and Mendelian diseases.

Multifactorial diseases are characterized as complex diseases because they are composed of two components: a genetic component and an environmental component. Some variables that come from the environment are: food, stress, lifestyle and physical exercise.

Our test can predict by probabilistic estimates your genetic risk of the following multifactorial diseases:

1.-  Breast cancer
2.- Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
3.- Hereditary prostate cancer
4.- Diabetes
5.- Alzheimer’s disease
6.- Ovarian cancer
7.- Hereditary kidney carcinoma
8.- Hereditary cardiomyopathies
9.- Parkinson’s disease

In the block of purely genetic or Mendelian diseases our test can detect the following diseases:

1.- Coenzyme 3-methylcrotonyl Carboxylase deficiency
2.- Biotinidase deficiency
3.- Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
4.- Cystic fibrosis
5.- Congenital hypothyroidism
6.- Deficiency of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
7.- Methylmalonic Aciduria
8.- Maple syrup urine disease
9.- Sickle cell anemia
10.- Tyrosinemia

Which drugs are included in the panel?

Our panel includes 71 medications that can be cataloged in more than ten of categories according to their use:
1.- Antineoplastic drugs
2.- Antibiotics
3.- Anticoagulants
4.- Antidepressants
5.- Antihyperlipidemics
6.- Antivirals
7.- Immunosuppressants
8.- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents
9.- Cardiotonic agents
10.- Hypoglycemic agents
11.- Adrenergic agonists
12.- Hormonal contraceptives for systemic use
13.- Parasympathomimetic stimulants
14.- Treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
15.- Treatment of cystic fibrosis

Were SNPs scientifically tested?

The whole study is grounded on scientific literature of the highest level

What do pharmacogenetics do?

Each person may have a different response to medications depending on genetic and non-genetic factors. Pharmacogenomics studies how your genes can influence your ability to process and respond to certain medications to lower the risk of adverse reactions and help your specialist select the appropriate treatments for you.

What is genotyping?

It is the collection of the genetic information of an individual to determine the specific status of each gene.

How is my privacy protected?

We know that your personal information is very important, that is why we take considerations on security and privacy conforming protocols established in Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales, as well as European Privacy Laws and HIPPA international regulations. You can access our privacy notice in: http://www.codigo46.com.mx/avisodeprivacidad

How do I send my sample?

Each kit contains a package guide with which you can send the sample back to our facilities for processing.

Is there a shipment fee?

Yes, it depends on the quantity of samples you want to buy.

What happens if my sample gets lost? Do I get charged again?

No, sample kit will be send to you without any additional fee.

What happens if I contaminate my sample (i.e. throw accidentally my buccal swab)?

You must ask for a new kit and pay a minor fee for costs of kit and shipment.

How do I get the results? Via mail, App, printed report?

Results can be accessible from the next lik https://codigo46.me/EncuestasWeb. They also will be sent via e-mail.

What if I want to pick my results personally? Where can I pick them?

You can schedule a cite to pick up our results at the following phone number +52 (777) 310 6594, then you must go to Paseo de las Camelias #3 Int. 10 Tabachines Club de Golf, Cuernavaca, Morelos

How long will it take to receive my report?

Usually it takes between 3 and 8 weeks since the sample arrives to our facilities.

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