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Código X

Código X

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Código X

This package includes Código Prevención which provides you information about your genetic predisposition to develop certain diseases, recommendations to avoid them and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Código Farma which gives you information about your pharmacogenomic profile and how it determines your response to different kinds of drugs.

Código Ancestría which provides you with information about your genetic profile and how it compares to different populations all over the world.

How it works

Código Prevención - Our test includes a statistical analysis of risk variants for multifactorial diseases, according to markers in your genetic profile. It also contains information about the high risk genetic variants in your genome and a number of associated congenital diseases.

Código Farma - Each person responds differently to drugs due to a diverse array of genetic and none-genetic factors. Your results will show you how your genes can influence your response and the type of adverse reactions that you could develop.

Código Ancestría - Our database has data from native populations all around the world. We present your ancestry genetic profile through a segmented pie chart, in which each slice represents a population in a continental region.

We take care of your data

Your personal information and genetic data are always kept confidential. Your buccal swab is destroyed and only you will have access to the results.

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