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Discover what your genetic code says about you!

With our reports you can find out what is good for you, where you come from and bits of your history, to discover where you are going.

What makes you good, where do you come from, where are you going?

Discover who you are with your genetic test

Codigo Ancestry

Your DNA tells a unique story of who you are. Discover where your ancestors come from, what continent or corner of the world.

* Included in Codigo Prevention and Codigo Pharma

Codigo Prevention

Discover which diseases you are most prone to, so you can achieve well being and a healthy life.

* Includes Codigo Ancestry

$2,900 MXN

Codigo Pharma

The report helps your doctor determine an appropriate and personalized treatment.

* Includes Codigo Ancestry

$2,900 MXN

Codigo Baby

Your genetic report helps you to know if your baby carries any risk of developing metabolic and congenital diseases.

$3,500 MXN

All our reports

-Prevention, Pharma and Ancestry- in one and at a better price.

Know yourself and maintain well-being.

Codigo Platinum

Ancestry, Prevention, Pharma
Fitness and Nutrition

The test that brings together the most comprehensive reports to understand what you need to be healthy and updated. Included in our Platinum report is Codigo X plus nutrition and fitness genetic reports.

Get your report in three steps

Order your collection kit online and receive it at home

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Send us your saliva sample and register it in your user account

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Receive your report between 6-8 weeks and check it online

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Know the three reasons why you should get the test

The science behind our reports

Download and know in detail about our three types of reports:

The most advanced genetic test in Latin America

“What we have been able to observe is that the service is fast.”

Vanessa González, PhD.

"The information is very useful and clear."

Jerónimo Miranda, PhD

Our Team

Health starts from the inside

By knowing and understanding our genetic code, we can create the tools and programs necessary to treat diseases and maintain good health

We are the healthiest
option in genetic analysis

Find out about new discoveries and technological advances

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